Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One Week In

I have been on the Medifast plan for one week now. During this first week I have been trying to stay on plan and on schedule for the six "meals" I have to eat each day. I am actually enjoying the food, for the most part. That is not a problem, which surprises me, since I am such a picky eater. 

Drinking the water is the hardest part. The first two days I drank about 6 glasses of water, then I slowed down to about 4 for the next few days. I have picked it back up and drank 7 glasses so far today. I have to keep it up. 

Drink water, drink water drink water!

I have lost 5 pounds in 8 days. That is really awesome as far as I am concerned. 

I am going on vacation to Michigan in two days, and I know I will go off plan slightly while there. I plan on eating a coney and hopefully go to a cider mill and have some fresh cider and a greasy donut. Other than that I plan on staying on plan as much as possible for a vacation. 

I also have to make sure I drink lots of water while I am there. 

Monday, October 8, 2012


I have made a re-commitment to be healthy and lose some of the weight I have been putting on over the last two decades. I signed up last week to use the Medifast System. I ordered my food last week.

Today my meals arrived via UPS. They came in the late morning and my plan is to begin with the meals tomorrow. I pulled everything out and found a space in my pantry for all the food. It takes up remarkably little space for a months worth of meals.

I choose some boxes to take to my workplace so that I will have the meals ready for me as I move forward. 

I tried one of the Dutch Chocolate Shakes in the cook "spring shaker". It wasn't too bad. I know one of my biggest challenges is going to be my picky taste-buds. But, I am determined to make this work. 

de.ter.mined: having reached a decision : firmly resolved

Another big challenge for me will be going without coke or chocolate. Coke has been my main drink for so many years. I imagine I will be quite the grumpy for a little while. There are chocolate flavored items that are included in the meals- brownies, shakes, cookies, bars- so that shouldn't be quite as bad. But not having a Kit Kat or M&Ms whenever I have the need, will be hard. 

So, today I drink my last Coke and eat these few M&Ms I have in a dish on my desk and tomorrow I move forward with a new and healthy me.