Sunday, February 12, 2012

Healing Mass

My husband and I have just returned from a day out and about. 

We went to the Diocese of Phoenix Mass of Healing and Blessing of Caregivers at St. Theresa Parish in Phoenix. It was my first time at St. Theresa and it is a beautiful church. It was a good Mass and I am glad that I was able to take my husband and mother-in-law to receive the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick. Unfortunately, it was not as nice as this celebration has been in the past. 

The last time we went to this Mass, two years ago, Bishop Olmsted actually laid hands on all of the caregivers who came forward for the blessing. This year, at the very end of the Mass, a blessing prayer was said. I have to admit, this year I did not feel comforted or receive any peace from this experience. It saddens me that such a beautiful part of this Mass was changed. 

I admit, one of the reasons I wanted to go to this celebration was so I could have that blessing and laying on of hands to help me to get through this year. With my husband getting worse all the time, my mother-in-law having more and more memory issues and my son preparing for a major surgery in the next few months, I could use all the peace and grace I can get. I guess I will have to find it in some other way. 

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