Friday, September 17, 2010

tiny, whispering sound

It has been a very long time since I have written a post. My life just seems to be getting busier and more complicated day by day.

I am still working on swaps as well as cards for personal use. One of the things I am thinking about in the back of my mind is whether I can make a business out of the cards that I make for personal use. I have been given the chance to have a small display in a local business in the near future. The real question for me is whether or not I will have the time to do the job properly and keep up with making sure there is always stock on hand.

On another note, I have completed one of my swaps and have a picture to share. This is for a Scripture Swap through the Stamping Scrapping Swapping Democracy which is a yahoo group. I chose one of my favorite scriptures from 1Kings. Elijah is standing at the face of a cave waiting for the Lord to pass by him.

The page has four levels that represent the four things that Elijah experienced in his wait. the first was strong and heavy winds; I used a nice blue paper with subtle swirls on it to represent the sky. I then stamped additional "wind" in a dark blue and brown. Next came an earthquake; for this I chose a striped brown paper that I tore down the middle to represent the upthrust from an earthquake. After the earthquake was a fire; I chose an brownish orange paper for this and added some red eyelash ribbon directly behind the orange paper to represent the fire. Finally, there was a tiny, whispering sound, and God was in that sound. This piece was the most challenging for me. How do you put a tiny, whispering sound on a scrapbook page? I used a green paper with just a hint of gold sheen to it (which is not apparent in the picture). The subtle, golden sheen is where I am showing the presence of God.

I am very happy with how this particular page came out. What do you think?

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