Friday, July 30, 2010


I thought I would share a couple of pictures from my crafting room that David, Ian, and Bob helped to create for me for my birthday a few years ago. It is still a work in progress, mostly because I have way more stuff than I am able to satisfactorily organize with what is available to me right now. I do not have enough space, organizational materials, or money to make it what I envision in my head.

One of my favorite items in the room is my printers drawer. I found it in an antique store and was able to get it for about $20. We hung it on the wall and I use it to store many little containers of embellishments. Because I do love embellishments. I purchases that David gave me from his father's coin collection. I also have some 'just for fun' stuff on there, like the wooden spoon on top and my short-fat bolt I just had to have one time when I was at the hardware store. I also have a nice chunk of amethyst (just below the pink box on the left side) to help relieve stress. You can see I have some liquid chalk inkers on the bottom, right corner. I use those quite often in my work.

I have this hung just to the right on my work desk, so all of the supplies here are easily accessible when I am creating. I highly recommend this embellishment organizational system if you get the chance.

I also have two different spice racks that I use for my embellishments that I have lots of such as buttons and brads. I have lots of brads. One of my all time favorite things in this world is brads. Some of the jars are missing because I have them packed away with my on-the-go supplies.
Another perk of the jars is that I can take them with me when I scrap outside of my room, which I do a lot.

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